Natural hair is very prone to dryness and we know that dryness often leads to breakage. Why is natural hair so prone to dryness?

Natural hair has a lower moisture content and uptake compared to other hair types. Additionally, even though our scalp naturally produces oils to moisturize our scalp and hair, natural hair has an elliptical, flattened fibre shape, which tends to form tight curls. This texture of natural makes it difficult for natural oils to travel down and coat the full length of the hair strand. However, there are many ways in which you can keep your hair healthy and moisturised.


If your hair tends to feel dry your washdays, then you should consider pre-pooing your hair. You can use a commercial pre-poo from the store. Alternatively, you can use moisturising oils like coconut oil or our hair Growth Oil to pre-poo your hair before you shampoo.


Excessive washing can lead to dryness. Shampoos tend to strip hair of natural oils. So try co-washing in order to prolong your washdays. You can use a commercial co-wash on your hair. Alternatively, You can use a conditioner, like our Revitalising Conditioner, to keep your hair refreshed in between your washdays.

Deep Condition

Deep conditioning natural hair is an important step towards maintaining healthy, moisturised hair. Deep conditioners like our Restoring & Strengthening Deep Treatment penetrate the hair strand, hydrating the hair. The process of deep conditioning helps to restore moisture to dry and damaged hair, reduces frizz and flattens cuticles.

Use The LOC (Liquid, Oil, Cream) Method

The LOC method is a 3 step method used to moisturise hair. The first step involves the use of water or a leave-in conditioner, like our Detangling Hair Mist, to moisturise your hair. Secondly, you apply an oil, like our Hair Growth Oil, to seal in moisture. Lastly, you apply a cream, like our Daily Repair & Nourishing Hair Butter to lock in moisture.

Steam Your Hair

Steaming is an excellent way to moisturise your hair. Steaming opens up the cuticles of the the hair and allows moisture to penetrate the hair strand. For maximum benefit, try streaming your hair after applying a deep conditioner. This will allow the product to better penetrate the hair strands.